Why I am Passionate About Being a Financial Advisor

Why I am Passionate About Being a Financial Advisor

May 07, 2018

So many people find themselves stuck in a career they aren’t passionate about or enjoy. In fact, two-thirds of people are disengaged with their job. I feel incredibly fortunate that I have a career I love and that I look forward to going into the office every day.

There are a few reasons why I am passionate about being an advisor.

1. The Ability to Help People

I realize this may sound generic, but the truth is, I like to be able to help people. There are so many situations I’ve come across where a client was sold investment or insurance products that were not in their best interest. I take pride in my fiduciary commitment and enjoy being able to provide clients trusted advice and financial strategies that are created with their needs and goals in mind.

I’m happy when I can help clients confidently pursue their short and long-term goals and worry less about their finances. Ultimately, helping clients work toward their financial independence enables me to work toward my career goals and feel satisfied and accomplished each day.

2. Analyzing Data

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that, as a financial advisor, I love numbers. I’m very analytical by nature, so I enjoy analyzing clients’ financials and identifying opportunities for improvement or greater efficiency.

The best part about having a career aligned with my interests and skills is that I can use my analytical capabilities to help others. It’s incredibly fulfilling having the ability to apply my many years of experience to benefit those I serve.

3. Seeing Clients Pursue Their Dreams

I work with many clients who are making the transition into retirement. After years of working together, I enjoy seeing clients live out their dreams during retirement. Often, clients send me pictures, tell me about their latest vacation, and discuss succession planning to leave a legacy for their loved ones.

Retirement is a time that’s the most enjoyable for many of my clients, and I’m glad I can be there for them when they have questions and to hear about their greatest life moments.

The Role We Serve

As the founder of Fiduciary Wealth Management, my passion is to listen to and truly understand what is important to you. Beyond helping you invest, my team and I care deeply about helping you pursue your short and long-term goals.

At my firm, we think of ourselves as more than financial advisors. We’re also guides and educators. Beyond financial planning and investment management, we educate you on your opportunities, explain the reasoning behind our recommendations, and speak to you in real terms — not financial jargon. Our ultimate goal is to offer you peace of mind and confidence in our abilities and advice.

If you’d like more clarity on your finances, where you are in terms of retirement, or want to spend less time on financial planning and more on your family, contact our office today. We can sit down with you and evaluate what you’re doing today and what’s possible for your future. Call us at (501) 351-7669 or email roc@fidwm.com. Or schedule a phone call now!

About Rocklin Senavinin, CFP®

With nearly 20 years of experience in the financial planning industry, Roc has dedicated his career to helping individuals live comfortably in retirement and enjoy the assets they have spent their career building. He is co-founder of Fiduciary Wealth Management, a fee-only registered investment advisory firm in Little Rock, Arkansas. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, he has advanced training in the holistic process of creating a personal financial plan that addresses a person’s comprehensive needs for the short and long-term. To learn more, connect with Roc onLinkedIn or visitwww.fidwm.com. If you have questions, feel free toschedule a phone call using this link.

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