The FWM Financial Planning Process

The FWM Financial Planning Process

| November 28, 2017

Have you ever wondered if your investment savings will be enough to support the life you want to live in retirement? The confidence in knowing the details of your current situation eases the uncertainty of simply hoping everything will work out in the future. Most clients I’ve dealt with over the years recognize that the financial plan dictates the investment planning strategy, not the other way around.   

At Fiduciary Wealth Management, our financial plans are uniquely tailored to each client’s individual needs, circumstances, and goals. The snapshot illustrations featured below are key data points within the FWM financial plan. If you choose to work with us, this is the type of financial plan we can run for you.

What Does the Process Look Like?

Planning often addresses a myriad of concerns and goals, from the impact of future inflation assumptions to retirement income projections.  Depending on your needs, your plan may focus on one overarching element or multiple goals you’d like to achieve over time. Whatever you choose to focus on, your financial plan is designed to serve as your roadmap, helping you move from where you are today to where you want to be in the future.

A well developed plan can address many pieces of your financial puzzle, from stresses and fears to your values and dreams. That is why we offer comprehensive financial services with a holistic approach. Throughout the planning process, clients gain a complete view of their wealth and understand each of the integrated components including:

  • Clarifying specific financial goals
  • Prioritizing what is most important
  • Analyzing the current investment mix to ensure alignment with true risk tolerance
  • Understanding how investment management fees affect long term projections
  • Planning to leave a lasting legacy

The result is a simple yet powerful roadmap to guide our clients towards financial freedom. Through our tailored approach, we focus on providing you with an effective game plan and well-researched investment planning advice.

It sounds simple right?  How much money do I have and how likely is it that I am able to meet my goals.  We use a Monte Carlo simulation to run 1000 scenarios to more accurately project future outcomes.  Based upon the outcome of your specific situation, we can make proactive changes to your existing strategy to potentially increase the probability of success.  

Visualizations can help you understand the impact of inflation, projected investment earnings and estimated taxes on your investment assets. Furthermore, we can drill down to see more detailed analysis to determine factors such as: “Which accounts should I draw from first in retirement and why?” Or, how would a large expense such as a pending divorce settlement or unexpected long term health care event affect the results?

Often times I find that clients are very interested in “what if” scenarios in relation to their financial plan and the potential impacts. Through a dedicated web portal, clients can review their financial plans at their convenience. With this access, you can manipulate key data points to see how it will affect the projected outcome of your specific situation. Our clients are able to calculate “what if” scenarios on issues like retiring earlier than anticipated, spending less or more in retirement and decreasing potential investment returns. Below is a screen snapshot of the client portal.    

While some individuals might leave their financial advisor confused about what’s happening with their money, we do all we can to ensure you’re completely aware of your financial strategy and the reasoning behind our recommendations. Money doesn’t have to be complicated, and we work hard to make the complex simple. If you currently have $500,000 or more in investible assets and want to take a closer look at your situation, feel free to reach out. All initial consultations are complimentary and can be conducted over the phone. You can reach out directly at: or Schedule a phone call now!

About Rocklin Senavinin, CFP®

With nearly 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, Roc has dedicated his career to helping individuals live comfortably in retirement and enjoy the assets they have spent their career building. He is the founder of Fiduciary Wealth Management, a fee-only registered investment advisory firm in Little Rock, Arkansas. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, he has advanced training in the holistic process of creating a personal financial plan that addresses a person’s comprehensive needs for the short and long-term. To learn more, connect with Roc onLinkedIn or If you have questions, feel free toschedule a phone call using this link.

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