Summer Series: My Favorite Restaurants In Little Rock - kBird

Summer Series: My Favorite Restaurants In Little Rock - kBird

July 02, 2019

For anyone who loves to eat, Little Rock has a plethora of establishments to choose from. From small one-of-a-kind mom-and-pop places to food trucks to upscale restaurants for special occasions, there is something for everyone. And while Little Rock may not be known for its food scene like New York or Los Angeles, it has some jewels you don’t want to miss. 

Over the summer months, I’ll be highlighting some of my favorite restaurants and sharing why they are so great. Of those favorites, there is one that I can’t help but go back to time and time again: kBird.

Let’s Talk Thai

Because I am half Thai, I am often asked, “What are some authentic Thai restaurants?” But like most cuisines, Thai food is diverse, with variations based on geographic location and availability of ingredients, so authentic Thai food is hard to replicate in an American restaurant setting. 

When most people think of Thai food, they are usually referring to Thai-inspired or a Thai fusion restaurant that has awesome coconut curry soup. These types of restaurants, while amazing, are a dime a dozen these days. I remember stopping in an “authentic” Thai restaurant many years ago in Little Rock and I asked the owner if we could have some “num-ply pik”. This is a very common side pepper sauce in many Thai dishes (pictured above). This created quite a stir in the restaurant with the staff asking each other about this special sauce. Shortly thereafter the owner came to our table and was honest enough to say they weren’t Thai but liked to cook Thai food. It was at this point that I became a bit skeptical of any authentic Thai restaurant here in Little Rock. 

Here’s a glimpse of the high standard I have for Thai food. My father is from Bangkok and a good amount of the food we ate at home growing up was very traditional Thai food. I’ve found that many of the dishes prepared at kBird are the same dishes I often ate growing up. In my mind, what sets kBird apart is that they offer dishes that I’ve never eaten anywhere else other than at my parents’ house or in Thailand.

kBird Is A Step Above

Without a doubt, the food at kBird is delicious and packed with flavor. I never would have imagined this gem would be in our backyard here in Little Rock. I’ll even go out on a limb and say that kBird may be one of only a handful of restaurants in the U.S. to offer a taste as close to what you would get in Thailand (particularly the northern region).  I’ve been to Thai restaurants in Chicago, San Diego, New York, and a few other big cities—none of them come even remotely close to the authenticity of the food at kBird.  

You can’t go wrong with any item on kBird’s menu. Trust me, I’ve had most of the dishes they offer and have loved each one. But if you want my personal recommendations, I highly suggest the red chicken curry, and their version of Pad Thai which is more traditional than what other “Thai” restaurants serve. Some of their lesser-known yet still incredible dishes are Som Thum (papaya salad), Laap and Pad Grapow (seasoned ground pork combined with fresh egg—the amazing dish pictured above)!

Do Yourself A Favor

If you appreciate delicious flavor combinations and top-notch Thai food, do yourself a favor and check this place out! And if you do try kBird, let me know what you think!  

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