Our Incredible Weekend at the Viking Cooking School

Our Incredible Weekend at the Viking Cooking School

March 22, 2017

A few weeks ago, I surprised my wife with a special trip to the Viking Cooking School located in Greenwood, Mississippi. We have both dreamed of visiting this location, so we partnered up with our dear friends Tim and Shay Rafferty and hit the road on a Friday evening. There were many incredible aspects of this little getaway, and I am hoping we get a chance to return in the near future.

The first memorable characteristic about Greenwood is that it’s in the middle of the Delta, with nothing around for miles. There are literally two or three city blocks, which we thoroughly explored, but not much else. While that fact might deter some people from visiting, I enjoyed visiting this beautiful place in the middle of nowhere. The size was part of the appeal and charm. It was quite relaxing, and the environment was just right for a quick and restful getaway.  

We stayed at The Alluvian hotel, which was reminiscent of the Capitol Hotel here in Little Rock.  It was inviting and clean with staff that was always accommodating. The hotel offered dining in the form of the sophisticated and warm Giardina’s, where we ate when we arrived on Friday evening. I can’t say enough about the excellent food, and I enjoyed every bite!

The Alluvian

The next morning, we spent some quality time at the Alluvian Spa. The spa is across the street from the hotel and located right above the Viking store and kitchen where our class would be held later that evening. Tim and I opted for quick shoulder massages, but the girls wanted to experience the works. They spent most of the day at the spa getting some much-needed pampering.   

While we were waiting for the girls to wrap up, Tim and I decided to explore a few stores located near the hotel and spa. The town itself is clean, peaceful, and so quiet it seemed like you could hear a pin drop!

We walked a block or so up the street and found this fantastic bar and grill called The Delta Bistro, which offered some of the best appetizers I’ve ever had. The atmosphere was modern, and the food was fantastic. Tim and I spent a few hours at this fine establishment, and our wives joined us when they wrapped up at the spa.  

Later that night we ventured across the street for the highlight of our trip, the cooking class. The classroom was attached to The Viking Retail Store, and we had some time to browse the store before our class started. Here’s a warning to all husbands: your wife will be convinced that she needs everything at this store, so bring your wallet. Once the doors opened to the classroom, we were greeted by the head chef and his assistant. There were six other couples in our class, and everyone was so friendly, which made for an enjoyable atmosphere.  Most of the other couples in attendance were from somewhere in the South, and we all hit it off.  

The great thing about this class is that you get to have some wine and learn about cooking from the head chef. The number of people per class is just right, and they really take their time to walk you through everything. Make no mistake; this is a legitimate cooking class! Not only do you receive a thick handout with detailed instructions on each course, but you need to be prepared to take notes and listen intently to the head chef’s instructions.

Our Friends, Tim and Shay Rafferty, working on dessert  

The end result!

We made these amazing red velvet whoopie pies!

We had a fantastic time at the Viking Cooking School and will definitely revisit soon. I am passionate about taking the time to invest in relationships, experience new things, and enjoy life to the fullest. I cannot say enough good things about our time here, and I hope that our experience inspires others to consider this destination for their next weekend getaway. If you want to know more about our trip or you want to share some of your favorite getaways, schedule a phone call now!

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