My Favorite Restaurants In Little Rock – Cathead’s Diner

My Favorite Restaurants In Little Rock – Cathead’s Diner

| October 01, 2019

For anyone who loves to eat, Little Rock has a plethora of establishments to choose from. From small one-of-a-kind mom-and-pop places to food trucks to upscale restaurants for special occasions, there is something for everyone. And while Little Rock may not be known for its food scene like New York or Los Angeles, it has some jewels you don’t want to miss.

During the past few months, I’ve been highlighting a few of my favorite restaurants and sharing why I think they are so great. One of my favorite places to frequent is the unique and delicious Cathead’s Diner in the up-and-coming East Village neighborhood of Little Rock. Here’s why I can’t stay away.

What’s In a Name?

If you’re familiar with Southern cuisine, you have probably eaten a few cathead biscuits. My grandmother would always serve these buttery biscuits (as big as a cat’s head) with dinner, and they became a mainstay of my childhood. It wasn’t until I ate at Cathead’s Diner that I remembered how amazing these biscuits are, and now I can’t get enough of them. Of course, biscuits aren’t the only specialty at Cathead’s Diner, but their namesake certainly sets the tone for the quality comfort food you can find here. 

Delicious Food With a Twist

I first went to Cathead’s when they opened in 2018 and was blown away by the quality of the food. Little Rock chef Donnie Ferneau never disappoints, bringing his special touch to many Southern staples most Arkansans have grown up loving. Cathead’s is known for their all-you-can-eat brunch on weekends, smoked meats, fried chicken, and gluten-free fried catfish, but your sweet tooth won’t be left out with the selection of decadent pies, cakes, and cinnamon rolls. Whatever you order is sure to hit the spot!

One of my favorite features at Cathead’s is the cafeteria-style dining. Instead of placing an order, and waiting for your food to arrive, you head to the serving line and have your food in a matter of minutes. Their weekday lunch is your selection of a meat and three sides, like their smoked barbeque ribs, paired with baked beans, zucchini, and mashed potatoes (pictured above). You can also opt for lunch to-go or one of their pre-packaged desserts. If you have a short window of time for lunch, choose Cathead’s Diner, as they can get you in-and-out in under an hour!

Have a Craving for Southern Food?

If you love good cooked-from-scratch Southern food, or you just want to try a new restaurant, Cathead’s is the place for you! Let me know what you think!

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