Happy Thanksgiving: Reflecting on What We Are Most Grateful For

Happy Thanksgiving: Reflecting on What We Are Most Grateful For

November 21, 2022

With the warmth of the holidays (and the impending chaos that accompanies them) upon us, now is the perfect time to pause and remember everything we have to be grateful for. This past year has given us more than a few surprises—making it all the more important to give our thanks and gratitude. As Thanksgiving nears, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on all we have to be thankful for.

Family, Friends & Clients

When I think of what I’m grateful for, family comes to mind first and foremost. I bet family and friends probably tops the list for most of us, but in this season especially, we are reminded of how much family means and the importance of surrounding yourself with people who know you, love you, and support you.


No matter how busy we are or what life changes come our way, family and friends are vital to our well-being. At Fiduciary Wealth Management, we are incredibly grateful for the community that surrounds us, and we are privileged to consider many of our clients as friends as well. I am very grateful for all the wonderful clients I have been blessed to work with over the years.


This year brought shocking geopolitical events with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Now, more than ever, we are reminded how privileged and blessed we are to live in a prosperous and free country. There are many people all over the world who long to live here, and we are lucky to have the opportunities this country affords, no matter how divided our country may feel at times.

A Chance to Serve our Clients

For us, one of the most important parts of our lives is joining you on your journey and serving you as you pursue your goals. It is truly our joy to celebrate with you when you reach a milestone and support you when life gets shaky.


There aren’t many people who can say they get to go to their dream job every day, so we are incredibly grateful that we get to do just that, providing education and support for so many families in our community who are on the road to a confident financial future.


As we reflect on all we’re grateful for this year, we want to make sure to thank you, our clients, for choosing Fiduciary Wealth Management to guide you in your financial life. We look forward to investing in you and your family in the future!

Give Thanks

Even in the midst of the chaos and busyness of the holiday season, we hope this Thanksgiving leaves you refreshed and ready to look forward with hope. Through it all, we hope you remember that we’re here for you and your family. Reach out to schedule a phone call now! We are thankful for your partnership as together we work toward a stronger financial future.


About Rocklin Senavinin, CFP®

With over 20 years of experience in the financial planning industry, Roc has dedicated his career to helping individuals live comfortably in retirement and enjoy the assets they have spent their career building. He is co-founder of Fiduciary Wealth Management, a fee-only registered investment advisory firm in Little Rock, Arkansas. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, he has advanced training in the holistic process of creating a personal financial plan that addresses a person’s comprehensive needs for the short and long term. To learn more, connect with Roc on LinkedIn or visit www.fidwm.com. If you have questions, feel free to schedule a phone call using this link.




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